South Africa VPS server

If you’re thinking about hosting your business on dedicated servers, but you don’t have the capital to invest in them, consider getting your business on a VPS server from South Africa instead. Unlike dedicated servers, which can be prohibitively expensive and even out of reach for many small businesses, a VPS server allows you to get all the benefits of dedicated hosting at an affordable price. Check out this blog post on the South Africa VPS Server and see how it can help your business today!


When hosting your site at an external location, you’re taking a risk. Will their security be up to snuff? Will they keep your data safe from hackers? Is their support responsive enough in case something goes wrong? These are important questions to consider before choosing a web host. A South Africa VPS server can give you peace of mind that your site will always be online and secure. With dedicated hosting, you know exactly where your data is located and who has access to it. And if something goes wrong, there’s no one else to blame but yourself.


South Africa VPS Server is a reliable hosting solution. When your business is highly reliant on web-based services. Downtime can be disastrous and you need to know that your South African VPS server will remain up and running at all times. You also want a hosting solution that’s responsive enough to keep up with changing demands, so when your traffic increases. You’re not left struggling. With South African virtual private servers from Onlive Server, you get these things and more! Our experts will work with you to find a plan that suits your needs while considering your business goals and budget. We have several plans to choose from with flexible pricing options. So finding a deal that works for you won’t be difficult.


If you’re familiar with managing a traditional server, then you will find managing your South Africa VPS server easy. Our management interface provides very many ways to manage your server and its related services. You can install applications and OS updates via a web-based control panel, automate system tasks using cron, access logs, check bandwidth statistics and run diagnostics. Just choose how you want to manage your server via our simple-to-use web control panel.


For many individuals and businesses, the cost is a significant factor when deciding whether to host a server in South Africa. By choosing a virtual private server (VPS) you can have all the benefits of dedicated servers with none of their high price tags. With a VPS, there are no hardware upgrades to worry about since they’re already included; there’s also no risk that other companies on your server will hog all of your system resources. Thanks to these and other benefits, virtual private servers are quickly becoming popular alternatives to traditional dedicated hosting—and prices are sure to continue falling as more and more providers enter the market.


For a growing business, scalability is essential. You will want your website or application to expand with your growth, so you need to make sure that you select a hosting company that can meet your needs and allows you to grow without worrying about having enough storage space. If you are still planning on starting a new business, choosing a scalable service will help eliminate any concerns you may have regarding future growth as well as reduce some of your initial startup costs by taking advantage of volume discounts. If you need additional server space to support your business’s rapid growth and future goals, many providers allow virtual servers to be created dynamically through an API, allowing for maximum flexibility and eliminating downtime because of new resources being added.

Speed and performance

Whether you are running a company or just your site, it’s important to have a web hosting solution that can handle your traffic. Many people think that just because they have cheap hosting from an organization like Bluehost. They will run their business website at a competitive speed. Many of these hosters offer powerful and reliable services—for websites that get under 1 million hits per month. As soon as you get above 2 million hits per month, though, your website performance is going to suffer significantly. If you are looking for an affordable solution to hosting your business website, and want superior performance and reliability. Then the South Africa VPS server is one of the best solutions in 2017.


Dedicated server hosting is usually a costly business as you have to pay extra money to avail of it. However, with South Africa VPS Server hosting services from Onlive Server, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Our fully managed and reliable services are available at an affordable price.