Why you should choose Linux Shared Hosting by Onlive Server

Linux shared hosting offers many advantages over any business that can benefit your business, education, or personal use. Onlive Server’s shared hosting plans give you the flexibility to host any type of website and ensure it’s maintained by the best team in the industry. From Word Press to Joomla, we’ll make sure your site works perfectly with our shared hosting plans. Sign up today to get started!

Do You Need Linux Shared Hosting?

A question that many beginners and professional website owners ask when starting a new project or redesigning an existing site is whether or not they should use Linux Shared Hosting. If you are thinking about moving your current web hosting services to another provider it is likely that one of your major concerns is cost-effectiveness. This guide will help you decide if Linux shared hosting is for you. It will also provide some insight on what exactly Shared Hosting entails, as well as how using shared hosting will aid in saving money and meeting performance goals.
But after spending some time on the Web, searching for affordable solutions. You find out that you need to spend so much time and energy in order to set up your own web server. The question is, who has the time to be online 24/7? Not you, obviously!

Choosing between Windows web hosting Vs Linux shared hosting

There are many benefits that can be attributed to choosing a Linux web hosting service over a Windows hosting provider. For those who may not know, Linux is a free, open-source software operating system (OS) used by most modern web servers. The beauty of Linux is its user-friendliness – it’s simple to set up and maintain (you can pretty much set up your own server from scratch). Which makes it well suited for smaller businesses with limited IT budgets. Another advantage of Linux hosting is security—it doesn’t require antivirus software like some Windows servers do, making it more secure than other types of web hosts. Because of these features and many others Linux will likely become your preferred choice. If you’re shopping around for an inexpensive web host provider.

Our top features

  • Easy install of CMSs and Apps via Softaculous.
  • 24/7 Technical Support by certified engineers.
  • Live chat with a real person, anytime.
  • One-click root access with no limitations, anytime.
  • Affordable Linux shared hosting plans start from $2 per month.
  • Pay only when you need it! With all that, what’s stopping you? Go check it out now! No upfront fee
What do You Need Shared Hosting?

If you are running a small business, an organization, or some kind of non-profit organization, then Linux shared hosting may be your solution. It’s perfect for personal blogs and development servers as well. Your web hosting solution should offer easy and quick installation of popular applications like Word Press, Joomla. These will make it easier for everyone to set up new sites quickly because they are supported by all major web hosts that offer Linux Dedicated Server packages.
Shared Hosting for Linux has never been easier than with Onlive Server Hosting. Our service is operated from our high-end data center in Canada and France to give you that peace of mind thanks to our guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support, and managed services.


Why you should choose Onlive Server: So why have so many people made us their first choice for Linux hosting? Perhaps it’s because we make it easy to get started, with generous hosting plans and a ton of powerful features. Or maybe it’s our rock-solid infrastructure that keeps sites up and running without fail. Maybe it’s even all these factors plus many more besides. No matter what draws you to our cloud servers, we encourage you to check out our special offers today. You won’t be disappointed!