Ukraine Dedicated Server

If you have one or more online businesses in Ukraine, then you have to choose an alternative Ukraine Dedicated Server hosting and the best part is we don’t want to get confusion.


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Our all server hosting plans are fully customized and managed

Ukraine Dedicated Server Hosting

So that’s why we are considering choosing our cheap and best Ukraine Dedicated Server Hosting. if your website averages about 1000 visitors per day, you should probably need a better Dedicated Server Hosting service. In fact, it’s only when your website starts getting more than about three to four thousand visitors per day that you need to consider an alternative Dedicated Server Hosting solution.

Ukraine Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX2One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$199.00
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX3One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$199.00
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX4One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$210.00
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX1One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$129.00

Another reason for choosing our cheapest Ukraine dedicated server hosting solution, If you want to get improved the functionality of your site by installing custom applications or a specific application to your line of business.

Ukraine Dedicated Server

In other server hosting packages you have limited or zero control as such, so you simply have to accept what you getting, and you have to make the best of it. Here again, it’s important to remember that thousands of online businesses have managed by our excellent dedicated technical support team that are available 24 hours to help you and solve the query as soon as possible. Our simply customized applications, which cannot be done when using best Ukraine Dedicated Server Hosting.

Finally, if you run several online businesses in Ukraine then our best dedicated server hosting plan makes it possible for you to create domain names for each one and then have them all running off the same server. With our dedicated server solution, client can also run and manage all these sites from a single independent server without ever being at the mercy of other websites. The bottom line is, if you want to be in full control, then this is certainly the way to go with us.


Ans. Yes. If you currently have a Managed VPS Hosting account with us, you can upgrade to our dedicated hosting anytime by ordering a new server. For fully Managed VPS customers, we’ll migrate your data from your current account to your new server. We also offer paid migrations for those who don’t want to resettle their data manually.

Ans. We recommend you work with your payment provider (e.g., PayPal Checkout, Square Online Checkout, and Stripe Checkout) to understand any additional requirements for which you are responsible. We have a simplified checklist for you if you use one of our PCI-certified products.

Ans. The short answer is that it depends on the size of the dedicated Server you select. Our dedicated server gets storage, including 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD. For example, a small business may only need a few hundred gigabytes of storage, while a larger enterprise could require a petabyte or more.

Ans. Of course, yes, we provide guaranteed full root access to the dedicated server hosting, our hosting plans allow complete control, and the Server is fully equipped. If your Company needs fully operational server hosting, choose our qualified, Ukraine Dedicated Server hosting projects that are set up immediately. It is also possible to upgrade the dedicated Server. The Company needs fully operational server hosting. Our qualified customer support is set up immediately.

Ans. Yes. We offer Acronis Cyber Backup & Recovery Solutions for your dedicated server, which can be purchased at an additional cost.

  • Acronis backup helps to take full or incremental backups of the database, files, mailboxes & disks regularly, depending upon the daily, weekly, and monthly frequency selected.
  • The dedicated server backup data can be restored instantly & quickly and is also wholly secure against ransomware.
  • Acronis Backup is available for Ukraine & Asia server locations. On purchase of incremental backup volume, the new volume will be added to an existing Acronis panel (depending on the site).
  • Acronis Backup add-on is available in the purchase flow for our new customers and the control panel for our existing customers.
  • Acronis Cyber Backup add-on is not covered under the money-back guarantee refund policy.
  • The tenure & renewal cycle of Acronis backup is not dependent on the tenure of the dedicated server purchased.