The company offers AWS Web Service at a very affordable price. Although AWS clearly divides the expenses into categories related to storage, bandwidth usage and computing cycle time, these categories are not the services themselves, but rather the product of the selected services. Selecting and integrating more of these components into cloud-based resources created on the AWS platform will “consume” those products more quickly.

Creating a Web Server

AWS has a clear plan in mind: you will receive an account with a free service that will allow you to easily experiment with creating a web server or starting a database before using these live services. With this strategy of starting small and based on a gradual approach, many companies find that they have not considered how much the operational costs of the public cloud can be, especially in terms of data usage.

AWS Platform

However, you can control costs if you take the time to fully understand the correct and strategic use of the AWS platform components before you start providing services on this platform. Resources for this cost control training are also available on the platform itself.

  • Cloud cost control is becoming a major issue for companies
  • Cloud cost control is also a challenge for small businesses and freelancers
  • What are Amazon Web services doing?

The sale of services provided by a computer is almost as old as the sale of computers. Of course, Amazon didn’t even invent this. The time-sharing systems of the 1960s enabled universities and institutions to cover the enormous costs of acquiring systems before university fees could do it themselves. But at the right time, Amazon has discovered exactly the kind of service that almost all companies could use: the ability to run a virtual server with websites.