Linux Dedicated Server

The Ukraine Server provides higher speed Ukraine based Linux Dedicated Server Hosting at the very affordable price.


4 Cores


Our all server hosting plans are fully customized and managed

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Our all hosting plans are available with both operating system (Linux and Windows) and a faster network connection speed to meet all business needs. Our range of highly secure and redundant IT infrastructures in our data centers ensures that your servers, your web presence, and your business are online day and night.

We offer Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Ukraine for our customers on both Linux and Windows. With Intel Core i3-6100 – 2C / 4T / 3.7 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD, we offer you high-end firewall protection that protects your server from attack attacks. All our solutions are fully customizable and offer a range of managed services designed to reduce the pressure on your organization’s IT department. All our dedicated servers are managed by our expert system administrators on the Onlive Server.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX2One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$199.00
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX3One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$199.00
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX4One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$210.00
Ukraine Dedicated - DSX1One IP Address10 TB Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s PortKyiv City, Ukraine$129.00

Our Linux Dedicated Server Hosting can perform all the activities of a traditional local server. This feature allows for greater use of resources compared to shared server hosting. Our Linux web hosting ensures that all important data is stored securely and can be restored if necessary.

Linux Dedicated Server

Linux Dedicated Server fully manages all hardware and software in Ukraine. All updates and server patches are run at no additional cost! We take care of all the initial software installations, we deliver your server ready for use and we are at your disposal 24 hours a day when you need help. Ask for help from agents specializing in hosting. Our dedicated employees work closely with the same experts who manage the server and can resolve them as quickly as possible.

Ready For You

Configure your custom server from a variety of components to best fit your business or project needs. We will be happy to provide it within 24 hours, or you may wish to select one of the finished products that we have already pre-configured for you. Setting up in just 120 minutes!



Ans. You can buy Linux Dedicated Server without a domain name. It is possible to use the web hosting services of a Linux dedicated server without a domain name. Still, you will have to create a new email account or virtual mailbox to receive messages from users who register on your website.
The only requirement for using the system is that there should be no access restrictions on your server and be located on a high-speed network.

Ans. We offer Linux dedicated servers with 2GB RAM, 1TB storage, and 100GB monthly bandwidth. Our network is built on top of the most potent hardware available, making it faster, more stable, and more reliable than any other host.
You can use this server for hosting as many websites as you like, with no restrictions on the number of domains or IP addresses used.

Ans. Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is a hosting service offered by Ukraine Server Hosting. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses looking for a dedicated server configured to run on the most popular operating system, Linux. The Linux Dedicated Server Hosting benefits include the following:
– Higher performance and security
– High availability
– Flexibility in the server configuration

Ans. We offer managed hosting services for dedicated servers. Linux Dedicated Server is a great way to get your site the capacity it needs while keeping the cost of the hardware to a minimum. Our dedicated server packages allow you to host any website or application on our network. We have hosted many companies and organizations, including search engines and e-commerce sites.

Ans. Web hosts use Linux as a popular operating system, so it’s no surprise that many plans are available for Linux Dedicated Hosting. You can choose from some different types of plans:
-Free – this type of plan allows you to host as many domains as you want for free, but you’ll have to pay for any additional domains beyond that.
-Small Business – this type of plan gives you access to more features than the free plan, such as more storage space and 24/7 support.
-Large Business – This plan gives you access to all the above features, plus a dedicated IP address.