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Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Onlive Server offers the best and cheap Windows VPS solutions at low costs, so you can save money while not sacrificing premium service. How do you find the best and cheap Windows VPS solution? With Onlive Server, of course! With our cheap Windows VPS solutions, you get premium service at low costs. We know what you’re thinking– how can we be so cheap? Well, we can tell you all about it here on our blog, but before we get to that, let’s talk about why you need cheap Windows VPS solutions in the first place!

If you are looking for a cheap windows VPS server, you can find them here at Onlive Server. We offer all of our customers cheap windows VPS hosting so they can save money while not sacrificing premium service. We have some of the best windows VPS servers with premium service on our hosting platform so you can be sure to get what you pay for. Our premium reseller hosting services will help you grow your online business whether it’s an eCommerce website or an application built on. Net/PHP/Java platforms. We provide exceptional customer support and maintain a 99% uptime guarantee on all our cheap Windows VPS servers so that your business is always available when your users need it to be.

Onlive Server is a provider of cheap Windows VPS

Instead of selling your bandwidth and demanding money, Onlive Server lets you own the VPS server as long as you are not using it. It does not need an expiry or any signup required and you get to access it without paying for it. With a dedicated server, there is also no need to set up any additional connections.

The fact that Onlive Server is a VPS provider means you have complete freedom of what you would want the server to host. You can rent a VPS for as little as $9 per month and can choose the resources that you would like to host on the server.

There are no bandwidth caps on a VPS so you can run without any interruption.

You can have access to various desktop, web, and storage options that come with a dedicated server.

The advantages of a cheap Windows VPS

Most of the users prefer Windows VPS services because of the access to premium features such as MySQL databases, EC2, FTP, Quick Response (QR) code, and many more. No matter what you are in need of, you can find all the solutions offered by Onlive Server at a very affordable price.

Onlive Server also offers highly reliable, simple, and fast server hosting solutions which can handle the servers for your big clients, this service is also suitable for small businesses that don’t require any more customization.

Why Onlive Server?

  • Onlive Server offers the highest level of reliability
  • The perfect solution for working in businesses or creating your own software
  • Server which does not only work well but also give your customers and innovative features

Why you should choose a cheap Windows VPS

The simplicity of use: when it comes to Windows, the people that love it the most is, well, Windows. From the usage point of view, you can install a window system, follow simple tutorials and do everything by yourself. This can be the biggest advantage that you can save if you’re new to Windows VPS. You can also choose one of the best VPS providers and host your services with them.

Fewer features: remember the magic word: VPS. I mean, you don’t need to buy and maintain and configure the whole system. You can use the one that is already made, and use all the features that are built-in.

There are a lot of things that a business needs to run effectively and efficiently, but hosting is probably at the top of that list. Any good business website or online store will have to have a web host that can handle high traffic volumes without going down often. The problem with cheap windows VPS solutions today is finding one with all those qualities as well as fast loading times and affordable rates. In our search for a cheap windows VPS solution, we were lucky enough to find Onlive Server, whose great customer service and unlimited feature plan have made them one of our favorite providers.

Offers dedicated account: if you need your domain name, your own email account, and so on, it’s better to choose a dedicated account, which will give you complete freedom from all those elements.

How to get a Windows VPS from Onlive Server

  • Create an account

When you start the setup process, you will have to create a free account. You can create an account from your dashboard, or from the Download and Install Manager.

  • Install Microsoft Windows operating system

Download the Onlive Server license and scan it using your OS’s built-in PDF scanner. Open the license and install. In the Onlive Server dashboard, click on the Start.exe Windows installation icon and wait until the installation process is complete. When you see the Installers options (what we are going to see in this guide), click the Activate Windows icon to activate the installation.

  • Choose a Windows VPS account

You will be asked to choose a Windows VPS account before proceeding with this guide. Enter a username and password and the captcha codes.

When you’re setting up a cheap windows VPS server, there are some basic things to keep in mind. Make sure you have all of your needs accounted for; if there is anything that you want but don’t need, consider not getting it. Also, make sure to know how much space and bandwidth your cheap windows VPS server can give you; while it’s more expensive, getting too little means that some websites won’t run on your server unless they’re designed with less room in mind. You’ll also want to consider how long your cheap windows VPS hosting server will be active; while most people looking into cheap windows VPS servers are more likely purchasing them for a few months at a time, others may purchase one for a year or two.


Although Onlive Server Hosting is the cheapest hosting solution for your business, their system isn’t user-friendly and doesn’t offer the advanced features and control that experienced users expect. Ongoing customer support is only available through live chat, a phone hotline, email, and live chat with Google Docs. If you want more advanced technical support, then Onlive Server Hosting isn’t the solution for you. Regarding customer support, Onlive Server Hosting offers a phone hotline, a live chat, and an email with the support team. But customers have to pay for all of the above in order to speak with the customer service team. Onlive Server Hosting provides no limits to the number of hours per week that you can speak with customer support.