VPS Cloud Hosting

The main advantage of VPS hosting versus shared hosting is that you have more control over your server. In the form of its unique cloud servers that don’t share any software resources, Onlive Server provides the cloud computing equivalent of VPS Cloud Hosting.

VPS Cloud Hosting Large Benefits with Onlive server

Fully Independent VPS Cloud Hosting

With Onlive Server, unlike traditional VPS Cloud hosting, you can run your own software on your server without having to share software resources with other customers. You can also fully customize its networking and software, without having to pool resources with other customers.

Full Flexibility of Server Size

You have a limited choice of server sizes with a virtual private server. However, with a cloud-based server, you can increase or decrease your server’s size as your needs change.

A Reliable & AffordableHosting Option With big feature

Onlive Server provides one of the most cost-effective VPS plans on the market, rather which you can rely on upon without hesitation. With our VPS hosting, you may tailor the resources to your specific requirements.

Full Control

You’ll have complete control over your website. You have complete control over your Cloud VPS server. With our hosting, we grant you root access, which allows you to install the control panel and operating system without requesting permission from us.

Lighting Fast and Fast Loading Speed

Your Cloud VPS hosting service will provide you with speed straight away, which is one of the most fundamental but powerful features. Your competition will not be able to snare your potential clients if your website loads quickly.

Dedicated Resources

We enable you to choose and configure resources on VPS cloud hosting, such as CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer, to ensure you get the most out of every money, you pay to us. All you have to do now is pay for the resources you wish to use.

Self-Healing Hardware

Self-healing hardware is included with our cloud VPS. Assume your website is hosted on our server in the United States. If there is an issue with the hardware system, our A.I. system will identify it and automatically reroute it to another node, rather than compromising the performance of your website. Everything happens at a lightning-fast speed.

Better Collaboration

Because all of your website data is saved in one location on the cloud, it will be incredibly simple for team members in different locations to access files and other data to make essential modifications.

Top-notch Security

We use the virtualization systems KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-v. Rather Best security practices are highly acknowledged and established. Rather Virtual machine containers are secured. Your workload would be unavailable to other virtual servers running on the same node.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

With our VPS hosting service, you’ll enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Rather Our cloud VPS infrastructure has equipped with high-performance SSD storage, ensuring smooth operation.

Backup Service

With our Remote Backup Service, you may add backups of your VPS to keep your data safe. There are no hidden fees in our pricing strategy, which is simple and easy to understand. Rather the best part is that we don’t charge you any transfer fees; all incoming and outgoing transfers.


Which have integrated with the control panel, help you meet all of your development demands. Rather Developers can make use of a plethora of scripts that make managing blogs, portals, forums, image galleries, and e-commerce easier. Rather PHP, Python, Java, and Perl are all supported by the breadbasket. Windows Web Hosting


Using Linux package management or bread basket, our VPS platform can support a variety of database types with speedy installation. rather In just a few minutes, you can set up a MySQL server VPS with the capacity to store and retrieve data over secure remote connections. By moving SQL processing to a private environment, you can improve overall performance. rather PHPMyAdmin, which is available for easy installation with Bread Basket, allows you to manage your database.