cloud VPS Hosting

What is VPS Cloud Hosting?

The VPS Cloud Hosting is a virtual private server that you can use to host your website, pre-production, or manufacturing environment. Unlike shared hosting, you have whole control over the full configuration of a server, so you can easily configure it to suit your requirements and needs. It generally gives virtualized property as a service, scalable, and buy on a utility basis. You simply pay for what you use. Also, you will achieve dynamic provisioning in a virtual as nicely as a scalable environment.

Main Benefits of VPS Cloud Hosting

One of the necessary benefits of the best cloud VPS hosting is the guarantee of business continuity. The cloud consists of various servers that are interconnected. The servers are pretty reliable and can address any kind of traffic pressure. Even if one of the servers in the community is down with some problem or down for maintenance, there will be no issue in the supply of resources. The customers are supplied with their services from the different active servers in the network. The websites continue to perform in the normal way with no downtime. This is mainly because the cloud depends on multiple sources while normal hosting endures from a single point of failure.

More equipped storage system:

You have complete control over your data and you can get entry to it from somewhere in the globe. You do not have to raise any of the physical storage devices nor do you want to fear the speed or space for your increasing data. Cloud services are offered over the internet. This is another of the advantages of the great cloud VPS hosting. If you have a like-minded system and a net connection. You can access all your functions at any time, from any area even while on the go saving yourself valuable time and money.

Scalable on-demand:

The best cloud VPS hosting system assures you quicker web page uploads and the greatest bandwidth that you can scale on demand. You have the power to make bigger your service requirements with a couple of clicks during peak visitors and stop the services while restoring to your ordinary capacity when the traffic rush subsides. It comes as the best choice for small and medium businesses as it allows them to start with minimum services and maintains increasing the resource capacities as traffic grows. In normal hosting, you should ask your provider to physically add more hardware and enhance the potential which takes some effort and time resulting in your business unable to serve its visitors.


The best cloud VPS hosting providers gives you 24/7 customer support. This is very important as you may also face some troubles that require your host’s assistance when they are closed. If they are not available, you too can also have to close your business which is bad overall performance that affects productivity.

Why should you choose cloud VPS by Onlive Server?

Cloud VPS Hosting by Onlive Server is the next generation of virtualization technology. It has many benefits over traditional server hosting, including cost efficiency and greater flexibility for hosting users. With Cloud VPS hosting service, you will obtain a 99.9% uptime guarantee

Onlive Server offers the best cheap VPS hosting and lots of services with full technical support. The main reasons to pick out cloud virtual private servers would be an excellent choice for you, specifically if your projects are likely to improve in the future. You can even adapt your virtual server accordingly via including sources as soon as through a cloud control panel. The strong point of cloud VPS offers higher performance and also comes at a very affordable price compared to web hosting on a dedicated server.

Another excellent thing about cloud VPS is coming with self-healing hardware. With its VPS hosting service, you will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee. To keep your data safe, you can even add a remote backup carrier of your virtual private servers.


VPS cloud hosting combines the flexibility of a virtual private server with the scalability of the cloud environment. This makes it an ideal solution for small businesses that need to scale up quickly without incurring extra costs. Our goal is to provide businesses with cloud hosting services that they can trust. We offer VPS cloud hosting and dedicated servers, as well as other IT solutions.