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Many people and businesses often forget that if they want their businesses to run smoothly and without any problems, you should properly maintain the servers. This helps them to keep their websites are running smoothly. Regular maintenance is very essential for server management and by making sure that everything is up-to-date and secure. There are various problems that can be avoided altogether. When you choose the cheap Hong Kong VPS hosting, you can properly take care of the website. Before maintaining the website, it is very important to maintain the system. Here are some tips that will help maintain your servers. 

Scheduled Backups

This is important for a business website. All the essential data stored in your servers have to stored in backups in case something happens to the systems.  You should create a backup before making any changes. The smallest thing can cause serious issues like server delay or downtime and this can bring harm to your customer information. Furthermore, they should be done quite regularly or in parallel with scheduled content changes.

Data Center
Operating System
Hong Kong VPS Server X : 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 500 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS
Hong Kong VPS Server Y : 2 Core, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS
Hong Kong VPS Server Z : 4 Core, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, 1500 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS
Hong Kong VPS Server Custom (Upto 4 Core, Upto 16 GB RAM, Upto 300 GB HDD)

Any unwanted modifications can be done by restoring the pages to the previous versions with the help of the backups. To prevent any kind of data loss, specialists also strongly recommend saving them somewhere other than on the Linux VPS server. Whenever it is provisioned, the system wipes out any backups stored on the server. When looking for a Hong Kong VPS Hosting provider, it is strongly suggested to choose a company that also offers storage services.

 Regular Updates

If you are working in the Hong Kong VPS hosting then the server updates are essential to any system. Without them, your web-based programs, applications, and websites will become more vulnerable. This can also lead to program instability also. Many consultants advised to keep up all server software up to date. With this, you will have the latest stable version available for the programs. Before implementing anything new, product instructions should be reviewed. This will ensure its compatibility with the Linux VPS system.

 Secured Passwords

It is very important to maintain the security of the websites. The servers should also be checked on what the sites are running on. You need to maintain good passwords that consist of combinations of :

  • upper- and lower-case letters,
  • numbers,
  • special characters.

This makes it better and it’s harder to crack the passwords.  It is advised not to use any words that can be easily found in a dictionary. A better option is to use string a long combination of random letters and numbers. It is advised to change passwords regularly, for example, every 60 – 90 days. 


The Hong Kong VPS hosting need to be protected against potential malware, spyware, and viruses that can harm the system. All content should always be scanned with an Anti-Virus program to ensure safety. Besides, this software must always be updated to the latest version to secure all threats. Proper server health and maintenance are vital to run any business websites. These following steps may lead to problems with the system and serious security issues that can be avoided.

Major 4 steps to improve VPS Linux performance

Hong Kong VPS hosting makes the user enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server, however in a much lower cost. Linux and Windows VPS bring great performance results as there are relatively fewer lags and slowdowns. Linux creates endless possibilities and features and there are ways to improve the overall performance of a Linux VPS even more.

Regular updates are significant

Updates not only contributes to security but also to better performance as well. For applications to run without any disturbances, default kernel parameter settings should be updated regularly. The default value of the message queue in kernel 2.4.x series limit constant connections to a database. To make your VPS Linux perform at its best, one needs to ensure the recommended values are kept. 

Shut down the GUI

As all administration tasks can be accomplished via a command line, it is recommended to shut the GUI down. It doesn’t matter if you shut down after the machine is set up. Or you do it even before that but it’s important to not miss this step. It is best to change the run level from 3 to 5 and start the GUI manually. Disabling the services

The next step of VPS Linux is shutting down the services that are not being used. This can really help to improve the performance of the services. The services run by default, so it is necessary to disable them manually. The reason behind this is the background services utilize CPU and RAM time and can even expose VPS to remote attacks.

Also, you should disable the control panels when they are not in use. With this, you can save up to 120 MB of RAM. Like GUI, a control panel can be turned on when needed. It can be done via a PHP script or command line and this can reduce RAM usage by 40%.There are major Hong Kong VPS Hosting companies that allow more flexibility and easier scalability as you expand your business. The low cost of using a VPS makes this affordable option. If you need a hosting service for your business, you will want to consider a virtual private server.