Buy Dedicated Server

Why did you Choose Dedicated Server?

There are many things to keep in mind and lots of decisions to be made, not all of which are clear-cut. How do you decide between shared hosting and Buy dedicated server? Will it be more cost-effective to buy or rent the server you need?

A dedicated server is a powerful computer. It is connected directly to the internet. A shared server, by contrast, is connected to the internet through a greater number of smaller servers.

A dedicated server offers several advantages over shared servers:

1. Dedicated Servers are More Secure: The security software and firewalls is installed on the server itself. This keeps hackers from gaining access to your files and data.

2. Dedicated Servers are More Reliable: A dedicated perform only one role, it is more reliable. It has multiple users that may be using it.

What is Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a cost-effective way to host your server. It can configure in any operating system and the services are available 24/7 with downtime. Dedicated servers come with a variety of add-ons like cloud computing, website creation tools, virtual private servers (VPS), or dedicated IP addresses that can help you create websites quickly without the need for technical knowledge.

This is a cost-effective way to provide powerful server services for businesses. It helps in delivering consistently high performance and optimized server hardware resources, which are essential for any business looking to run their IT infrastructure on the cloud. It’s an operating system, application stack, network connectivity, virtualization platform, and more. A dedicated server hosting is one of the best ways to get your website up in no time with all the facilities you need for fast web development without any downtime.

How to Buy Dedicated Server at Onlive Server

We have a server that allows you to host multiple websites and applications on one server without any downtime or issues. Our hosting plans offer the flexibility of unlimited resources with automatic scaling at all times, which makes it easy for your business to grow as you need it. A dedicated server is one of the best ways to manage server resources and server performance. Dedicated servers have a higher number of processor cores, RAM, and storage space. They do not share hardware with other customers.

This means that the server will assign only to your site. This can help you avoid issues with overloading or other common problems associated with shared servers. These are perfect for businesses and organizations they offer more resources for each site. It no need to share any computer resources between sites.

High-Powered Dedicated Server Hosting

High-powered server hosting is a Dedicated server service that delivers high speed, reliability, and quality. It also provides secure servers for your business to make sure. All of your data remains protect from the outside world. The server hosts provide managed services which include all-time customer support, automatic updates and security patches, backup facilities, and more. A dedicated server ensures that you get the best performance at an affordable price.

This is the most reliable and secure way to get a high-powered server. As a business owner, you need Managed Dedicated Server for your business purpose, which will help you in running your website smoothly. A high-powered server is the best option for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps you in achieving high performance, security, reliability, and scalability at a cost. It is much lesser alternatives like VPS or cloud server solutions.

What are the benefits of buying a dedicated server?

When you purchase a server, you will get exclusive access to resources and services are only available on servers.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a server:

  • It provides reliability in terms of performance and uptime.
  • You will be able to run your business with high availability.
  • Your website or blog can scale faster because it is host on a server.
  • Faster processing speeds for websites and apps.
  • Better bandwidth, which means less downtime and better website performance.
  • More powerful storage space that allows you to host more content on your site.
  • Ability to handle more visitors at without any affect by slow load times and increased loading time.


If you’re looking to host a web application on your server, it’s best to use Onlive Server. It is different from hosting plans shared multiple companies and users. You’ll have full control over the hardware of your server and will be able to dedicate as much RAM, CPU, storage space, and bandwidth as needed.