South Korea Dedicated Server

South Korea Dedicated server is a server that is dedicated to the use of one customer. It is like a virtual private server, but it is not in a virtual machine on a physical computer. The South Korea Dedicated Server is also known as South Korea dedicated hosting and it is much more powerful than any other hosting service dedicated Server Hosting providers are designed for those who need their own servers. In this type of hosting, you can have complete control over your web hosting environment and you do not have to share it with anyone else. You will be able to install software and make changes to the configuration without needing to ask anyone for permission.

A South Korea Dedicated Server is a server that is dedicated to one client. A dedicated server is a computer or network of computers that provides shared resources, like memory and processors, to run applications. Rather A dedicated server is a physical server that has been allocated to you. You are the only user on this physical server. With a Dedicated Server, you have complete control over its configuration and management. A South Korea will provide you with more power than a shared hosting plan and more flexibility than a virtual private server (VPS).

South Korea Dedicated Server Hosting and Data Center

Onlive Server offers you South Korea Dedicated Server Hosting with the best performance of our high-end hosting services. Rather We provide secure, safe, and robust Dedicated Server Hosting in with full root access. Our hosting solution is 99.95% Uptime, 24/7 technical support, unlimited bandwidth, and much more.

Our company provides the essential tools for small businesses and e-commerce websites to achieve new heights with their online presence. We are dedicated to creating a new era in web hosting by providing reliable and secure services while still being affordable.

South Korea Dedicated Server Plans

Our company offers South Korea hosting at an affordable price with lots of features including full root access. Better security, Easy customization, High Availability, High Performance, 100% Uptime Guarantee, 24x7x365 Support, and much more.

  • Hexa Core Processor (6 Cores)
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Hard Disk: 1 TB SATA Hard Disk
  • Bandwidth: 15 TB Bandwidth @1 Gbps Port Speed
  • IPv4: 5 Usable IPs

Features & Benefits:

South Korea is a service that provides Korean users and businesses with a physical server. Rather The user becomes the sole owner of the entire server and has access to all its resources. The service providers allow customers to fully customize their servers to their liking and can even install software applications for them. Some of the benefits of Cheap South Korea Dedicated Server service are:


When you have your own server, it is not just physically present in the data center. But also has its own isolation from other servers. This means that there is no risk of a system crash, and you can load your website without any downtime or crashing issues. Security is a huge concern these days and with dedicated servers. No one else can access your information unless you permit them to do so.


As you get your own server, all its resources are devoted to a single purpose only – Running your website! This means there is no sharing of resources and hence increased performance for your website. So if you are expecting high traffic on your website or need more bandwidth, then dedicated servers are ideal for you as they offer high bandwidth capability and speed which will be unmatched by any

High-Security Level – Our servers are protected by advanced firewalls and secured by an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of data stored on our servers.

Fast Network Speed – Our servers are located at one of the best datacenters in South Korea which ensure high-speed connectivity for customers around the world.

Dedicated Hardware – You will get a dedicated IP address for your server along with full root access to manage it as per your requirements.