Check Website Domain Registration

Check Website Domain Registration

Domain registration is a process of registering your domain, unique identification of a website apart from the IP address. The person or company who registers the domain name is known as a domain registrant. Domain registrants require the service of a domain registrar who is responsible for domain registration. Domain registrar is a company that is affiliated with ICANN. The registrar has the right to register the domain name. The registrar offers different types of domain name such as .com, .net, .org, and .info. Domain registrants can Check Website Domain Registration process of the registrar’s website.

History of domain registration

In 1993, the US commerce department first created NIC or Network Information Centre to contain all the registered domain names and their IP address. This agency administrates the website domain name on the internet. The central database sends the top-level domain name to the server around the world. Domain registrants can choose the hosting web service from the registrar company along with the domain name. It helps the domain registrants to select their preferred domain registrar among the various web hosting company.

Process of domain registration

Domain registrants can check website domain registration process on the registrar’s website and follow the steps as per the direction.

  1. First, the domain registrant has to submit the following details to the registrant- the desired domain name, personal information regarding name, contact details, address, chosen term of the domain name, and payment process.
  2. After receiving this information from the registrant, the registrar starts the domain registration process.
  3. The domain registrar then sends the desired domain name and its technical application to the registry.
  4. Registry adds the domain details to the master server.
  5. That master server orders the other server about the actual location of the particular website.
  6. Finally, internet users can find the website domain on the internet.

What is a domain name system?

The domain name system or DNS maps alphabetic names into numeric internet protocol address or IP. DNS is like a phone book system. When a web user types a web address on the web browser, the DNS can help the web users find the exact website. DNS system is an open World Wide Web network that provides a database name system. When a domain registrant check website domain registration process on the registrar’s website, the domain name system can help the domain registrant select an exact domain name such as .com, .net, .org, .info for the website.

The function of WHOIS in domain registration

WHOIS is a protocol that is essential for querying data that is stored on the internet.

  1. WHOIS database mainly stores many internet resources such as domain name, IP address of the websites, and other information.
  2. WHOIS stores the database that is usable by a human.
  3. From 2014, as per ICANN guidelines, WHOIS should maintain the internet data privacy policy.
  4. A domain name, domain name purchase, sale details, and personal data of websites should be kept privately under the WHOIS database.
  5. The top-level domain name is stored in the WHOIS database.
  6. WHOIS can share the details of the domain registrant with the registrar as per requirement.

The function of ICANN

ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profitable organisation that maintains the internet core infrastructure. It was founded in 1998. The function of ICANN is as follows-

  1. ICANN maintains the central structure of IP addresses and coordinates the IP address supply.
  2. It also manages the domain name system or DNS and root access facility of the webserver.
  3. Currently, ICANN is managing more than 180 million domain names and four billion networks in over 240 countries worldwide.
  4. ICANN doesn’t control the website content and internet access.
  5. DNS that is a part of ICANN can convert the numerical IP address into the domain name of a particular website.
  6. IANA, or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority which is another part of ICANN, controls the critical technical service of DNS.
  7. ICANN maintains the security and stability of the internet domain registration process.
  8. When a domain registrant checks website domain registration process in the registrar website, the domain registrant can see all the details regarding the ICANN security process.

Reason for domain security

A domain registrant can Check Website Domain Registration process on the registrar’s website to get the initial information regarding the domain security and privacy policy vital in the domain registration process. The registrant should ensure the basic security and privacy process of the registrar for the following reasons—

  1. Domain security policy can govern the entire domain system.
  2. A strong password can provide initial protection to your domain but try to change the domain password frequently.
  3. Users can use more advanced domain control technology to customise the domain security policy.
  4. Domain security policy ensures the domain registrants that no one can access your domain without your permission.
  5. Domain security policy is a part of networking that protects your website server from unauthorised access.
  6. Domain registrants can use firewall technology to protect the domain name.

Domain registrant always tries to find an authentic domain registrar that provides complete data security as per ICANN guidelines, and the ICANN should affiliate the registrars. Without ICANN affiliation, do not choose a domain registrar. In the future, the security policy of domain registration will improve more.