Cheap WordPress Hosting That Doesn’t Suck

Onlive Server offers you the best cheap WordPress hosting includes features like free domain. Fully managed WordPress hosting, finest performance, and more. A noble quest, however, if you’ve Googled around a bit already. You’ll understand that the net is littered with web hosting critiques and pointers. It’s close to not possible to inform. Whether or not humans are giving you an actual recommendation or simply pushing affiliate links.

I recognize what it’s like I consider beginning my first WordPress internet. The site nearly 10 years in the past and struggling to discover an affordable shared web hosting company that didn’t have horrible consumer evaluations (or weirdly nice ones). I ended up going with Onlive Server and the whole thing went simply first-class till it didn’t (more on that below).

I’ve hosted websites with so many exclusive web hosting corporations and I can simply say there has now not been a single one that didn’t have its problems. That’s why I will be listing the good, bad, and unsightly about inexpensive hosting. No holds barred.

Looking back, I understand I made some rookie errors when I selected lower-priced WordPress web hosting in the past, so I’m placing my recommendation out there to attempt and assist you make a smarter desire and keep away from the headache of the usage of a horrific internet site host. I’m going to cowl everything, from explaining what web hosting is, to translating and evaluating the bizarre phrases hosts use to describe their services, alongside hints for the first-rate lower-priced WordPress web hosting (use the Table of Contents under to pass to the bits you need).

If you’re in a hurry, omit straight to the results.

I use affiliate hyperlinks in this article and will get hold of a small price if you signal up for any offerings the use of my hyperlink (thanks!). While I am usually pleased to get a little more income, I’ve written this information based totally on my very own trip and expertise and by no means promote or point out offerings in order to make commissions.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Why do I want WordPress hosting?

There are two sorts of WordPress: and is a managed-running blog platform. You’ll have an area relish and WordPress confiscate care of the web hosting for you (for free). It is genuinely the most inexpensive shape of WordPress web hosting available!

You can additionally pay a small month-to-month rate (from $4/£3/€4 month, billed annually) to use with a customized area identity (like “”) and WordPress will host it for you. It’s now not the most inexpensive way to host a customized WordPress site, however, $4/month ($48/year) is nonetheless incredibly cheap. However, there are downsides, like restricted theme compatibility and lack of customized picks (for example, no plugins that run JavaScript!). It might also be suitable for whole beginners, however, I’d think you’d outgrow the platform very rapidly if you desired to do something like including an electronic mail opt-in shape in the future. is a content material administration gadget (CMS). It is open-starting point (free) software that you can use to generate the internet. You want to have WordPress internet hosting in order to run a WordPress website. This is the kind of WordPress I am going to focal point on.

What is internet site hosting?

Websites are truly a series of files. A WordPress site, extra specifically, is a database of mostly. PHP files. You are used to viewing documents on your personal computer, however, if you favor humans to get admission to your internet site online, you will want to save your internet site archives on a laptop that is linked to the internet. Every time any individual visits your website, the documents will be loaded from the server pc and despatched over the community to the visitor’s computer. You pay an internet site internet hosting company to actually host your internet site – to keep your internet site documents and serve them to anybody who visits your website.

Types of internet site hosting

There are various specific sorts of hosting. Understanding the distinction between them will assist you to recognize why some are less costly and others very expensive.

Shared Hosting

Shared internet hosting is the most inexpensive way to host a website. Your internet site documents will be saved on a server that is shared between many different websites.

VPS internet hosting makes use of a Virtual Private Server to mimic committed web hosting at a more cost-effective price. With a VPS, your internet site has committed RAM that does no longer share sources with different websites. VPS web hosting is more cost-effective than devoted hosting, however now not as lower priced as shared or cloud web hosting can be. Best Cloud VPS Hosting is an accurate “next step” to go to as soon as you outgrow less costly shared hosting.