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Cheap VPS Server Hosting

VPS Server comes with back-end access that means the user will be able to allocate their server resources for their websites such as memory, disk space, and processing power etc. Cheap VPS Server is a secure hosting environment that where you can host several websites. If you are part of shared hosting then you noticed that you have less control over all things whereas its RAM, storage, and the control panel. You need to switch your current server with VPS.

Onlive Server is a top international web hosting service provider company whose have each VPS server has its own resources, operating system, bandwidth, and RAM. Our VPS is a cost-effective solution with dedicated server style resources. VPS is perfect for testing ideas and scaling your website, it takes your business website with the development stage without spending too much money. Our VPS offers excellent resources and capabilities to handle dreadful flows of traffic.

We have noticed that fast-growing business need to resource-intensive and upgrade or advanced VPS hosting plans for high-performance capabilities.


If the user has an Online Store or planning to setup an online store then make sure connected with VPS hosting. With a VPS server, your website will be secure with proper manner and granted dedicated resources. Higher security ensures in each server that protects the website against data theft. User website dealing with payments that will be 100% secure and your customer’s information will be safe. VPS is highly secure than shared server so do not worry about hackers to hack sensitive information. It is protected by DDoS security, SLA and Firewall network connection that protect transferring data.

Compatible Slow Website

If your Online website is complex or heavy workloads or uses large amounts of RAM then shared server isn’t the best solution, you should go with VPS hosting which can easily handle the complex website. As your business grows that time you expect high website’s performance and less loading time then choose VPS Server where you can upgrade your VPS plans as per business requirements.

Your Website is Growing

If your business website growing and generate revenue or increase visitors then you need to give more effort on your website through being part of VPS that help to optimize a website and make more better.

Cheap VPS Server Hosting Suit your Budget

Ukraine VPS Server Hosting is a combination of both shared hosting and dedicated server, a user can take advantages of both in one hosting. It’s true facts that VPS is highly demanding in hosting industry because it is a middle road between the two at a very reasonable price. It gives more control over the server and dedicated server style resources. VPS is lie down to each businessman’s demand. Our VPS is available for global location within an amazing price limit. Each VPS comes with higher configuration with core processor and KVM. Here a user can upgrade their hosting plans with a single click. The server will be handled automatically, the user has right to uninstall and reinstall files. The user will receive unlimited bandwidth, full root access, high disk space, 99.9% uptime SLA, higher security, 24×7 support service.

About Onlive Server

Onlive Server is the world’s largest hosting platform which has a million customers worldwide. We help to make your website professional and more attractive that easily manage their work. Our mission is to give a reliable and robust server hosting service to the customer.

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