Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting:

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Why should you choose Windows VPS Hosting?

Cheap Windows VPS hosting provided a lot of features. That provides you the full freedom to own your own virtual machine (VM). Just like what will be offered to you if you go for a dedicated server, even if it is cheaper.

No matter what you operate on a day-to-day basis, a Windows VPS hosting plan could be exactly what you are looking for because of all its benefits and features

Super-Fast Speed and Performance

By switching to a cheap Windows VPS hosting, the whole host is used to run the company’s software program and website. With a shared server, the functions and utilization of different websites can affect the response time of the website and may even timeout, especially if a website is advertised and there is an unexpected increase in traffic.

Increased capacity

Because Windows VPS hosting is built for only one organization, capacity is limited only by the size of the server. Not the number of users on that host. Cheap Linux VPS Hosting offers a more reliable website that can run throughout the day with fewer server jams. Websites can provide more complex features and the number of email accounts and attached databases is less limited.

High security

By sharing the server with other websites and users, it is possible for other clients to view protected files and, in some cases, overwrite certain files. It can be extremely risky for a company to store data and process highly sensitive information. If a hacker has attacked a host website. Then the other websites on the server are also vulnerable.

Possibility to customize the hardware setup

Dedicated hardware is given for the server which can be used by only one client. This way, the customer can control the hardware and make changes or upgrades according to them.

Custom software

Many websites released have limited functionality and software availability due to security and stability issues. For example, JSP support is still rare on shared servers. With Window VPS hosting, you have full freedom in the execution of programs to take into account the individual wants of the customer.

Effective maintenance of large websites

It gives the ability to run a large website. There is no need to purchase or maintain server equipment, and server upgrades are less expensive. Onlive Server is presenting the VPS Hosting for WordPress in your location. It provides 24/7 customer or technical support

Windows VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting – What’s the difference?

Broadly speaking, there are three types of hosting: Windows Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting. Shared hosting is a basic type of hosting, suitable for small websites. VPS and Dedicated Hosting are the two main types.

Windows VPS web hosting plans provide the same servers with resource limits on things like allotted RAM and/or bandwidth. However, it also uses something called a hypervisor, which is basically a device that borrows resources from other virtual servers on that origin server, should you ever run out of space and bandwidth. Their website doesn’t require extensive resources.

Dedicated server, on the other hand, if we use the analogy of real estate, is like having a house with additional land around it in the form of a backyard and garden; So if you decide to organize any function or event then you have to control all the resources in it without bothering with your neighbors. Similarly, purchasing a dedicated hosting plan will allow you to have a dedicated server for your website, giving you full access and control over its resources. This is usually the right choice for you if you are experiencing high traffic, you want to install custom software, or you are doing thousands of transactions every day.