Why Should Website Needs the Linux VPS Hosting through Onlive Server

Linux Web Server Hosting

There are lots of advantages but some are quite important. Just like flexibility, Security, Sufficient Storage, and absolute multiple types of control panel that are available at affordable prices. Therefore, the benefits of web hosting are listed below:

  1. Excellent Service at lowest Price: The price of Linux Web Hosting the server is not much higher than other hosting plans. Although the cost of hardware, software, connectivity, and maintenance is shared among customers, performance is not compromised.
  2. More Protection: As compared to other hosting plans, our cheap web hosting offers better security as it runs in its virtually protected environment.
  3. More Flexibility: A cheap web hosting plan allows you to access additional scripts based on your needs. You can even install your own custom scripts. You can also use one of the programming technologies installed on the server.
  4. Zero Downtime: For most of the companies have one biggest problem that is downtime. This company will provide you zero downtime. This is one of the most beneficial options of Linux Web Hosting.

As the company providers web hosting plans is divided into four basic sections. It is possible to choose the best hosting plans from the simple web host company. Linux web hosting servers is one solution for Startup Company. Such as they can save the confidential files, for better traffic management, better connectivity over the server and Users have full control of their server space and hardware.

Now, to take advantage of the Linux server at an average price, the average price is followed by the smartest users. Our cheapest web servers are intended for experienced users who do not need to manage their own private server but are not yet ready to use a dedicated hosting solution due to high maintenance costs. With our web hosting plan access on your fingertips, users get root-level access to the server, allowing them to fully configure and manage their private hosting environment.

With the profitable Cheap Web Hosting available as a shared hosting, you have a single server that hosts multiple sites. This means that you will share the server’s resources with other sites.

It Gives Reliability with Shared Web Hosting

Reliable providers of shared web hosting continue to take care of the services they offer. They always work with the objective of satisfying the requirements of their clients. That is the reason why they have support teams to help customers 24/7. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, seven days a week.

The Advantage of SEO

The speed with which the pages of your website are loaded has a great impact on the SEO rankings of your site. With a faster site load time from a reliable web hosting provider, the SEO ranking of your site will improve dramatically. Therefore, it is still very important that you make sure to use the services of accredited web hosting providers to provide extremely reliable, reliable and fast servers. Thanks to the optimized servers of these hosts, your SEO ranking will improve considerably and also help you to maximize the traffic in the search engines.

Total security

The security of hosting your website is essential to protect it against malicious programs and hackers that could harm you, and even visitors to your site. There is not a single person in this plant who likes to visit a site that has security problems. In fact, Google could even include in the blacklist of sites with security problems. By choosing the right Linux shared hosting provider, you will get the security of the highest quality necessary for the security of your site. This is known as perpetual safety.

It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep the sites safe and protected. There are even some other tools available to improve security by preventing malware and hackers. In addition to this, it also benefits from the security of the server, the security server to host two websites and several other important security measures to protect the site.

Some frequently asked questions about cheap web hosting are:

Is it necessary to obtain a new domain to buy a Linux shared hosting package?

No, it is not necessary. You can use your current or old domain with a web hosting solution without having to worry about registering a new domain.

How to manage the databases and the website in Reseller Linux CPanel?

Shared hosting for Linux resellers comes with CPanel, an extremely powerful solution. This contributes greatly to the management of databases and the addition or deletion of email accounts.

How many sites can be hosted in a shared hosting package?

Only one domain can be hosted in the individual shared hosting plan, while in the reseller and commercial plan, users can host several websites or domains.

Is it possible to upgrade to a higher Linus shared hosting package?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. The whole procedure is free of any problem and there are even technical teams available to help users with the entire update process.

Is the email hosting included in the Linux web hosting?

Yes, email solutions through CPanel Webmail are included in shared hosting packages, and storage is shared with the web hosting space.